Ladies Mannequins

Japan Mannequin Company is the largest and oldest supplier of Mannequins, Sizing Dummies, Dustbins, Jewellery Display Mannequins, Automated Mannequins, and custom-made Mannequins. Many a times, our clients require special effects dummies manufactured by us. We strive to deliver the best to every client that we have. These amazing Female Mannequins deliver the most lifelike images in the industry. These mannequins accentuate the stores’ display. Our Mannequins are highly crafted works of art. These dummy models give you the benefits of the real models at just a fraction of the cost. They extend a runway show to the customer's point of purchase.

Our talented team of master craftsmen, sculptors, finishing artists, and quality controllers has ensured that our commitment to unparalleled realism in our finished product is consistently maintained.

Every element of the finished product is carefully selected and executed with the goal of superior realism. JMC outperforms current industry standards with advances in skin texturing and pigmentation, utilizing multiple layers of paint to achieve the appearance of human-like skin and the use of prosthetic eyes, which further enhances the lifelike quality of our mannequins.